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Direct service from Quito to Baños and Otavalo.
Available for two to four persons.
Conducted by licensed and permitted operators.

If you are looking for a more private alternative to the bus, and you are a minimum of two passengers, AndesTransit offers door-to-door shuttle service direct from your hotel in Quito to popular destinations like Baños and Otavalo. Return service is optional.

This is not a tour service, but you can order a tour guide service separately if desired.

Read more to learn about the available routes and prices, and how to reserve your spot!

Shuttle Benefits


Save Time

The shuttle can pick you up and take you directly to the scheduled destination. With much fewer passengers than a bus, the shuttle can operate within a more rapid time frame.


Save Money

Even though the price per passenger is higher, when you take the bus, you have to first take a taxi to the bus terminal, which is $15 on top of your bus ticket price. Plus, the shuttle provides you free snacks!


Least Hassle

No bus stations, no running around finding the gate, and far less paperwork. If you want to focus on the scenery instead of chasing down your transportation, the shuttle is right for you.


Most Comfort

The shuttle is kept extra clean and uncluttered, and you are free of interruptions, movies and music. Shuttle drivers drive safely and seriously, and make no stops that you don't want.

Prices per person

RouteSchedule2 persons3-4 personsBooking link
9 a.m.
$37$29Check Availability
8 a.m.
$37$29Check Availability

Additional services:

-Tour guide:  $60 per shuttle and per day (English or Spanish speaking)

-Round trip (if not included in price table):  75% of one way fare.
If you are staying overnight at your destination, 150% of your one way fare.

-Snacks on board are free!


Absolutely! We only depart from Quito, but if you are a minimum of two persons and have a destination not listed above, just send an email to telling us where you'd like to go and when, and we will send you back a quote. Please note, we only respond to shuttle questions at this email address. For bus questions, just use the website.

15 kg. Our shuttles are cars or small vans and can only carry luggage you would fit in your own car for a full number of passengers.

As long as there's space, 24 hours in advance.


Just tell us where you want to go, when, and how many passengers.  We'll then write you back with availability and a link to secure your reservation with a payment.